The importance of influencers shouldn't be understated.

We know that one of the best avenues to gain trust with potential clients is through word of mouth. In light of this, using an individual who has garnered trust within their industry or community can have a big impact. But how do we choose which person or influencer to approach for an opportunity like this?

Influencer Vetting & Evaluation

Influencers, who are more powerful nowadays than traditional celebrities, don’t have to be on the red carpet to be of value to your business brand. Anyone who has a persuasive presence in your industry could be a potential “partner.” Let’s take a look at what should be considered.
Learn more about MORALS

One of the things that needs to be understood when finding an influencer is that whatever beliefs they choose to share with the world may be attributed to you too. People assume that if you choose to work closely with someone, that you condone their behavior.

It could be expected of you, if you find yourself with a misbehaving influencer, to cut ties with them. It's best to steer clear of people or organizations that don't share the kind of image you want to be known for.

Learn more about ACTIVITY

Getting an influencer is mainly for the purpose of solidifying the trust of your chosen influencer’s audience behind your word of mouth marketing tactic.

To make this happen though, they have to present and be active in the platforms you’re wanting to reach your target audience on.

Learn more about VALUE
We choose to seek out influencers for the benefits, of course. But what exactly do you hope a specific influencer can do for you? Are you hoping they'll increase your sales with Millennials? Will they help you corner the retirees? Why you are reaching out to these people goes hand in hand with our next point: who are you hoping to reach?
Learn more about AUDIENCE

Are you reaching out to a health guru to help you reach people interested in healthy eats?

Are you hoping to get a tech genius who blogs to let his following know about your software?

You need to think critically about your buyer persona and let them lead the way. Once you know what audience you want to reach, finding an influencer is that much easier!

Learn more about THE DEAL

After you've nailed down the right person for the job, it's time to negotiate!

  • What would their endorsement be worth to you?
  • What is fair compensation?
  • Who controls what content they put out about you?
  • Is there a contract?

Figure out the mechanics of making it work isn't a walk in the park. But many influencers are happy to endorse you if they find your service or product to be valuable.


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Organizing this information is important to picking the right influencer for your brand. It may be easier said than done. Don't worry, here at Captevrix we have a tried and true way of sniffing out the perfect person to represent us!

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