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Brand Reputation

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Social listening is a great tool to utilize to manage your brand's reputation. You can't be everywhere at once, making sure everyone connected with your company is following your brand's code of ethics. You can address it before it becomes an overwhelming issue though, if you have honed your social listening skills.

Competitive Insights

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Just like running stats on your brand helps you solidify your image, you can pin down the image of your competitors too. Doing so can really help you get a leg up on them!

Finding Influencers

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Influencers are the hot new way to increase audience trust and recognition of your product or service. You can use social listening to team up with the most valuable influencers for your brand.

Discover Pain Points

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We can't do everything perfect, no matter how hard we try. But knowing the mistakes you've made gives you great opportunities to make things right - and fixing problems as they arise and making them priorities can really communicate to your customers that you care.

Know Your Audience

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Knowing your audience and your customers helps you find the most effective ways to resonate with them. Using social listening, you can create the most in-depth, valuable personas out there.

Why's It Important?

Let's Look At The Numbers


of people who complain to a brand via Twitter expect a response within an hour


of all Americans are on Facebook


of all Americans use Twitter


of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others

Social listening is about engaging with your audience. It's the ultimate customer service tool

Did you know? One average, a new social media profile is made every 15 seconds.

Man in a suit pointing to icons for various contact methods

46% of brands engage with a tagged mention

Less than half of companies interact with customers online who are specifically looking to get their attention.

Anyone there?? text message

5% respond to untagged complaints

95% of complaints made online that don't specifically tag a brand aren't being addressed!

Your Brand is Everything

All this information holds no value without being easily accessible and organized for your team. To use your social media discoveries to their fullest potential, it's imperative that you can make sense of it all. Download our Social Media Template to help you better understand your brand's online presence!

listening-coverThis workbook includes:

  • Social Media Audit Template
  • Social Listening Template
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Self Analysis Questionnaire