Enthusem is a digital marketing solution that specializes in offline to online marketing. Most digital marketing companies ONLY focus on online. But it’s cluttered online, everyone is fighting for your attention. You can’t rely ONLY on offline either. You don’t know if someone receives your mail unless they call you. So you need a mix.

That’s where Enthusem fits in. Choose a valuable contact and send them ultra personal content through postal mail (see those video above for examples) and drive them online where they can be identified. Once online, they engage in an ultra rich media experience built just for them. At the same time, you will be notified in real time that they’re top of mind so you can instantly follow up via phone and start the conversation.


"Common sense approach, state of art technology… hands down best in class. A must DO for everyone in sales."

- Stephanie Weeks - Principal, MacMunnis Inc.

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